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    G5 has an outstanding strategic position, a great brand, fantastic employees and a remarkable future. You are Welcome to be a part of this bandwagon.

    To achieve our vision, we are always looking out for talented individuals who are ambitious, who love challenges and who have a passion to excel!

    G5 employees enjoy competitive salaries, health benefits, and a network of like-minded co-workers that make G5 a happening place and much more.

    People - The Greatest Asset

    We believe that our people are our greatest strength. We are committed to hiring talented individuals and promoting diversity in the workplace and committed to providing our employees with the resources they need to excel.

    Employee first policy

    To make the Employee First concept work, G5 launched a variety of internal initiatives designed to both give employees more personally responsibility for the company's service offerings and a voice with upper management. G5's enlightened approach to employee development focus on giving people whatever they need to succeed: be it a virtual assistant or talent transformation sabbaticals; expert guidance or fast track growth; inner peace or democratic empowerment.

    We respect your individuality

    G5 "values your individuality". We are dedicated to creating a professional, fulfilling and challenging work environment. We try to help you find the right balance between your work and home life.

    Professional Development & Growth

    We are strongly focused on career development and growth of our people. Training is an ongoing process at G5. The training encompasses several skill-sets pertaining to the voice as well as non-voice processes and geared towards scaling up employees to take on more complex tasks. Our career development plan ensures that each candidate is provided constructive feedback regularly and given clear visibility on areas of improvement.

    Aspire Program

    Employees who desire to move into a Voice & Accent, Culture, T&D depending upon the internal job postings (IJP's) programming role are encouraged to do so after going through a stringent Voice & Accent, culture training program six months after joining the company. Upon successful completion of this program employees can join the desired arm of G5.

    Common Fast Tracker Development program

    In order to tackle leadership scarcity G5 introduced the Fast Tracker Development program to develop managers from amongst its employees. Under this program, employees are trained for six months after which they are appointed as team leaders.