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    Transparency @workplace

    While smart work is always appreciated, we believe in working hard & partying harder. Fun at work place also form the crux of our corporate culture. The open door policy encourages a work atmosphere that promotes a free flow of ideas, opinions, suggestions, information and in turn, performance. Our regular team building activities ensure that the feedback from employees are considered & acted upon.

    IJP - Internal Job Postings

    We encourage skills and knowledge advancement while on job. In the fast paced competitive world, multi-skills is what we stimulate & nurture in our employees by boosting in them various cross functional knowledge & absorbing them in other departments.

    Mentorship Exercises

    As ours is a people centric business, our employees are the face of the company for our customers. Therefore, our team of mentors makes every effort to train our employees on the newest of the advancements in the industry.


    - a strong enthusiasm towards the goals
    - Making your passion your profession
    - Trigger your success
    - Chase your passion

    Helping employees to trigger their passion at work place: