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    Services @G5

    We have got a robust infrastructure to manage campaigns for our clients. We can manage a broad range of outbound services for clients across various industry segments. We have the expertise to set up and manage large outbound call centre operations. Our agents are proficient in handling the entire gamut of calls, from simple welcome calls to calls pertaining to surveys, verifications, lead generation, collections, etc.

    Quality @G5

    G5's outsourcing services are therefore not just fast, they meet high standards. That's because quality control is a central part of what we do at our facilities. We constantly monitor the standards and policies the professionals at the facility work undertake, to make sure they keep pace with changing conditions.

    This commitment to quality translates not only into timely and accurate work, but also into a value-added proactive approach to problem solving.

    The range of services @G5 Outbound Call Centre Services include:

    Verification Services
    Market research